The Hitchhiker's Guide to Forex Trading



The definitive guide that allows you to learn the basics and start trading in Forex.

Learn how to trade Forex without any previous trading knowledge at all!



Easy To Understand Fundamental Knowledge

Learn how Forex works and how market fundamentals affect currency movements

Step-by-step Technical Analysis

Easy to learn instructions on on how to read and trade using charts

Valuable Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks to help you profit in the market

If You Ever Wanted To Make Money From Trading Forex,

This Is The Book You’ll Ever Need To Start.

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Dear Friend,

If you are on this page, it’s because you are looking for a solution to your problem. You are looking to start trading in Forex but have no idea how Forex works and how to start trading. Or you already have some experience in trading Forex but have not been trading profitably, yet you do not know what the problem is with yourself.

I have been in the same situation as you before. Rest assured you are not alone as many are looking for the same answer as well. I would like to share with you this story:

My first experience into Forex was during my university days where I’m looking for a way to earn an extra income. I didn’t know where to start at first. I was first introduced to Forex via a trading competition. I didn’t win, but it let me have a feel what Forex trading is about. However, I was still very new to Forex trading and didn’t have much knowledge to begin with. When I started out my live trading, I bombed out. Failed.

I was confused, angry. Hence, I tried once more and failed again. And I tried again with different strategies and failed. I started to read many books and took courses to understand the Forex market. Finally, I spent most of my time researching and testing the best strategy and learning from pros how to trade profitably.

After many years of research and testing, I finally made it. I managed to compile all my knowledge and now able to make profits in the Forex markets! Now, I’m also considered one of the experts in chart reading, making accurate analysis of market movement. Once in a while, I’ll share my analysis on my blog for my friends and traders to read and profit. But I might not be able to share it often due to my busy schedule. Many friends and aspiring traders has asked me to release a book to help and teach them about starting their first steps into Forex trading. So I decided to compile everything in a single book that is suitable for a beginner to read about trading Forex!


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Forex Trading!


What You Will Learn


hitchhiker guide -cover 3When you purchase this book, you will:

tick-bullet-pointUnderstand how Forex works and how to make money from it

tick-bullet-pointLearn about the most traded currencies in the world

tick-bullet-pointLearn what moves the Forex market

tick-bullet-pointLearn how to read Forex charts and use them to give you an edge over other traders

tick-bullet-pointAvoid mistakes other traders make….. and more!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will it help me get results?

Absolutely! This manual is all about helping you effectively maximize your learning through Forex Trading!

Will I be able to implement these strategies easily?

Most definitely! The steps to these Forex Trading strategies have been mapped out clearly in this guide so that anyone – whether a novice or beginner can start using and achieving results fast!

Will this cost me a lot?

Here’s the good news, NO.

I want everybody to be able to have access to these great Forex Trading information because I knew what it was like struggling as a newbie trader, struggling to make ends meet because I didn’t realize the power of forex trading. I want this ultimate guide to “jump start” your success in the Forex market.

Can I buy your book after release?

Yes you can! However, you will miss out on the special pricing once the book is out! So I highly encourage you to get pre-order special to get a special discount off the usual price!

If You Ever Wanted To Make Money From Trading Forex,

This Is The Book You’ll Ever Need To Start.

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