Hi readers, time for another post!

Bitcoin has certainly killed many of the investors who had been caught up with the cryptocurrency fever, losing thousands of dollars.

Many of them were taken in by the once in lifetime dream of becoming a millionaire by just putting all of their savings into cryptocurrency at an insane price.

Experienced traders who do not believe in this hype had been warning the public about the risk but alas, the power of greed is strong.

Many have been burnt by the losses. Some are panicking, some become depressed.

Market may change but seems like greed do not.

Anyway, I’m looking at the chart of Bitcoin and saw a something interesting.

Here it is.


While I don’t really like to give hope on this “currency” turn speculation “asset”, it does look like some buying is visible.

I can give you two scenarios, it’s pretty easy actually.

1. Either it will break up of the resistance and continue its climb back or,

2. Break downwards and continue south.

So far as today, it’s holding at $8000.

So buying opportunity in Bitcoin?

Up to you to bite the bullet.