Recommended Resources


Welcome to Daniel Huang Trades Resources section, where you can find a list of tools that will help you in your trading journey.

These are the tools that I used and tested. Many of these tools are useful and crucial in my trading journey and I have listed them here for you.


Forex Factory

Forex Factory

Forex Factory is one of my top websites to visit. It has a table of the upcoming news for the day so you can take note of what risks is there to come due to news announcements. It also has a column on the latest news articles that you can read to find out more about how the news has impacted the movement of the currency.


myfxbookMyfxbook is a very good site for you to analyse your trading performance. Also, if you have a smartphone, download the app as it will push news announcements to your phone so you get to know the immediate results of data published. Would even be better if you have a smart watch paired.

Charting Tools and Software

Position Size Calculator

It is important to manage your money. I use a position size calculator to calculate my lot size so that my losses are limited. So if you need a calculator, here is one which you can use.

Metatrader 4

Metatrader 4 is the platform that I use to trade Forex. It is also one of the most popular platforms that Forex traders use because of its ability to program automated trades and custom indicators. Most brokers offer this platform as an alternative to their own native platform.

Trading View

Trading View is a free charting online tool that loads very smoothly on web. You can do your chart analysis with its wide set of technical indicators. You can post your analysis also if you sign up free.

Daily FX

Daily FX is a page where I use it to plot and post my daily and weekly analysis. Charts are clean and easy to use for analysis especially posting of your analysis as a trading journal.


Traderwave is an in-progress chart platform where you can use it to analyse stocks with it’s web-based charting platform. It’s free now, so give it a try!

Trading Books

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Forex Trading

hitchhiker guide -cover 3

The definitive guide that allows you to learn the basics and start trading in Forex. If you want to learn how to trade Forex step-by-step. This is the guidebook to get.

The Secret Forex Strategy

The Secret Forex Strategy book

The Secret Forex Strategy is the upgrade to profiting from Forex. It contains the secret strategy that I use to profit greatly from not only from the Forex market but also other trading instruments such as indices and commodities. It also comes with tools to help you to trade faster, more accurately and also limits potential losses from trading. Get the book by clicking on the Buy button now!