Review: Unlocking The World’s Financial Secret By Mario Singh

Are you already trading in Forex and needed more knowledge in the World of Forex? I was given this book and found it to be one of the most informative Forex book I had read. Most of the books sold in bookstores never really talked about the fundamentals of Forex. In this book it has also outline strategies for traders who have some chart knowledge already.

In the DVD, you’ll learn many of the techniques that help you to grow as a Forex Trader.

Topics include:
• Understanding the MT4 platform
• Mastering the long and short trade
• Making and keeping pips – the secret to profitable trading!
• Spread – how to make more and pay less!
• The 9 advantages of Forex trading
• How to calculate risk
• The magic of compound interest

In the package, it also includes a book which is endorsed by many of the big names in the trading industry such as Barbara Rockefeller and Kathy Lien.


Recommended for intermediate readers.

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