How was your trading week?

Seems that it’s starting to become very volatile for markets with some big moves.

US30 260817

We see some big buy ups of the Dow Jones Index for some good news.

The market seems to be trying to buy up to convince investors to buy in again.

I won’t know what they are trying to do, but the sentiment seems to be trending down.


XAUUSD 260817

Now let’s see the opposite of downside.

Sentiment for gold is rising.

Last night there was a very sharp sell down for gold within 1 min.

There was certain recovery meaning someone is just trying to shake off weak holders and buying up the low prices.

But it’s going to be tricky trading XAUUSD.


EURJPY 260817

On Friday, many XXX/JPY pairs were doing very poorly. Strong sell down when it charts are looking bullish.

However, seems EURJPY is holding out and even was doing very well.

Upside might be expected…

The other pair which might surprise…

GBPJPY 260817

GBPJPY might give that profit move.

Just a gut feeling after watching it on Friday night.

Not as strong as EURJPY but still is doing better than other JPY pairs.

Keep it on your watchlist.

One more thing….

EURUSD 260817

Check out XXX/USD pairs.

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