Time passes fast and it’s October.

The stock market has been very bullish about their economy and nothing is stopping the market from buying in the month of September. Bad news? Buy. Korean missile? Buy. Oil crisis? Buy.

Now it’s October. What will be the direction of the market now?Will there be a correction?

Will there be a correction? Black October?

Anyway, today I’m putting up 1 analysis. Here’s what I’m looking at AUDUSD for the coming week.


AUDUSD 081017

Seems AUDUSD had a rejection and was going down. Friday it reached a point of support (from my point of view).

There’s a pinbar rejection. So will the AUDUSD go up?

Not sure about any QE for AUDUSD. Australia’s employment seems to be on the bad side and they don’t really want the Australian dollar to go up.

Technically, this calls for a long, which I think it’s a good set up.

We shall see.